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Boing Boing Teacher

モーレツ!ボイン先生, モーレツ!ボイン先生, Boing Boing Sensei, Boing Boing Teacher, Boing-Boing Teacher!!, Intense! Big Breasted Teacher, Mo-Retsu! Boin Sensei Hidemaru Harem, Serialized, Adult Ongoing 3 1746
Kawano has an incredible fetish about to be realized. He fantasizes about the AV sexual adventures of his favorite adult star Miss Boin ("boin" meaning the sound a big breast makes in motion -- think "boing!"), little realizing that the school he's about to teach at has a head teacher that he suspects is in private Miss Boin! Even the little mole on her enormous chest is the same, but is it really her? A madcap sexual comedy in which Kawano sets out to score with all the teachers...
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Manga Chapters
Chapter Name Download Date Added
Boing Boing Teacher 522-09-2012
Boing Boing Teacher 422-09-2012
Boing Boing Teacher 322-09-2012
Boing Boing Teacher 222-09-2012
Boing Boing Teacher 122-09-2012
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