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Kurikyun 5!

Drill Murata Adult, Big Breasts, Romance, Serialized Completed 0 160
Ever since Iguchi was born, he has never been popular with the ladies. Neither especially good-looking nor a smooth talker, he lives the life of a bachelor and high school teacher. Things change howev...
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Chapter Name Download Date Added
Kurikyun 5! 6-kurikyun-5-6-end03-04-2014
Kurikyun 5! 5-kurikyun-5-503-04-2014
Kurikyun 5! 4-kurikyun-5-403-04-2014
Kurikyun 5! 3-kurikyun-5-303-04-2014
Kurikyun 5! 2-kurikyun-5-203-04-2014
Kurikyun 5! 1-kurikyun-503-04-2014